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Sofia Isabel - Citrine Crystal Infused Natural Perfume Mist

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We've matched the captivating golden beauty and magic of Citrine with the warm, vibrant, luscious, delectably addicting Sofia Isabel scent for a super charged spritz of goodness! 💫 Sofia Isabel is meant inspire being a free-spirit and embracing life with confidence. Scent wave: Mandarin, Tangerine, Black Currant, Jasmine, Warm Vanilla, and Sugar. Citrine is like captured golden sunshine, it is energizing, attracts abundance, helps with goal-setting, brings good luck and inspires creativity. Made in California with natural, organic, clean, gluten-free, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients. Made without phthalates, BHT, parabens or dyes. Sustainably packaged, re-usable bottle, pump and cap, no plastic wrap or magnets in the caps.  Spray applicator. 28ml - .95 fl oz