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The Austonian Reusable Washable Paper Bag

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Inspired by the classic paper bag, this long-lasting, super sturdy tote can haul everything from your laptop to groceries.

The Austonian stands up on its own for easy packing and unpacking and is made from a durable material that feels like paper but is washable, long-lasting and much better for the environment.

Made from plant fibers that soften to a leather-like feel with age, just one Austonian bag is designed to last years and will save the environment from hundreds of single-use paper and plastic bags in it's lifetime. Includes lined comfortable handles to ease the load on shoppers hands when toting heavy loads.

This bag is biodegradable, certified vegan, super light-weight, recyclable and supremely eco-friendly. Hand-wash in hot or cold water. Care for your Washable Paper Bag as you would a canvas bag. Best to lay flat or hang to dry. The bag will soften with additional use and washings. -Dimensions: Approximately 18” W x 16