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The Nutrition Sidekick Journal

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The Nutrition Sidekick Journal is your research-based book, journal, and coach all in one to help you establish the habit of healthy eating.

This is a 66-day, fully guided journal that uses a combination of daily content and daily tracking. The journal starts with a crash course on how different types of food affect the body and a simple explanation of how the body can be manipulated to burn fat or build muscle.

Each day you're given learning tools, inspiration, and guidance for improving the quality of your practice. Each morning, you’ll write your target nutrition goal for the day, water drinking goal, exercise goal (these can be small and lenient), and what you’re planning to eat.  Then each evening, you track what you actually ate (calories/macronutrient intake is optional), potential obstacles the next day that may make it hard to stick to your goal, and how you can make small improvements to your eating regimen.